Introduction workshop to generative AI


Why and how we went off the beaten track to showcase a concrete use of AI to support the creative process.

Keywords: AI; videomapping; workshop;

Gaussian splatting and wide spaces

Emmanuel Durand, 2024-03-05

Exploring the possibilities of Gaussian splattings for navigation in large landscapes.

Keywords: gaussian-splatting; photogrammetry; machine-learning;

Live generative AI testing with RAVE

Nicolas Bouillot, 2024-02-22

Experiment demonstrating the feasibility of transforming the surface of a desk into a percussion instrument using the RAVE tool suite.

Keywords: AI; Audio; Realtime; Interaction;

Porting Linux to Windows: the case of Splash

Emmanuel Durand, 2024-01-30

The Linux-to-Windows port of Splash videomapping software, using the MSYS2 platform.

Keywords: Windows; Linux; port; c++; cmake;