A selection of our achievements and contributions of all kinds.


Videomapping assisté par IA

A workshop to explore the possibilities of deep learning when applied to the creation of content for an videomapping installation.

Intended to highlight innovative uses of generative AI in a creative context, this workshop also encourages discussion on aspects of ethics, copyright and computational autonomy.

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Keywords: IA; videomapping; workshop;


We maintain several software and add-ons, and contribute to others, to enable us to carry out the prototyping projects we run with our partners. Here’s a few.


SATIE is an audio spatialization engine, designed to be coupled with 3D engines and developed for realtime rendering of dense audio scenes to large multi-channel loudspeaker systems.


Splash is a video mapping software. It takes care of automatically calibrating the videoprojectors, and blend all of those into a single coherent projection. It handle lots of inputs, and has been primarily developed to help with building immersive spaces.