Code, technology, creation

Lab148 is a worker cooperative dedicated to media installations. We bridge the gaps among off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions to help building your projects, towards innovative and engaging digital experiences

  • Code and software deployment
  • Conceptualization and prototyping
  • Training

We bring our expertise in spatial audiovisual installations to your own productions. We develop, integrate, and deploy software for experiences that live in museums, galleries, on stage, and in the metaverse.

We offer support in the early innovation phases of digital experience production. Through a process of co-creation and technological prototyping, we work with you to develop customized installation concepts, as well as software and hardware prototypes.

Our technological and artistic watch enables us to offer you training on the latest possibilities offered by emerging technologies, as well as by the technologies we develop for the digital creation community.

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Who are we?

We are a team of coders, experts in digital creation and technological innovation, dedicated to the implementation of digital experience projects. Our main strengths are sound and video immersion, telepresence, interactivity, application of artificial intelligence, and technological assemblages.

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We are mobilized by:

  • Innovation
  • Cooperation
  • Return to community

We believe that ideating and prototyping new concepts promotes unique and engaging digital experiences.

We work in co-creation and interdisciplinarity, to create digital experiences that engage participants and enrich design teams.

We contribute to open knowledge, by publishing articles, documentaton, training, plans and software, to help the digital creation community flourish.